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Zari Art Prize

Entry Dates 2024-09-08T23:59:00+00:00 - 2024-04-08T00:00:00+00:00 47 Days Left


Zari Art Prize - Unleash Your Creativity
Welcome to the inaugural Zari Art Prize Competition, proudly presented by Zari Gallery. In our quest to discover, celebrate, and showcase extraordinary talents, we invite artists from around the globe to participate in this momentous event. Whether you’re an established artist or on the cusp of your first big break, this is your stage.
Celebrating Diversity in Art: Sculpture, Paintings, and Photography
With a generous prize pool of £5,000, the Zari Art Prize is awarded across three categories: painting, sculpture, and photography. This competition serves as a contest and a platform to elevate and showcase your work, introducing it to the vibrant heart of London's art scene and extending its reach globally
Exhibition and Exposure - London Awaits
Shortlisted works will earn the spotlight at the Zari Gallery in the prestigious West End of London. This exhibition is not just a showcase; it's a gateway for international artists to gain unparalleled exposure and for collectors to discover and purchase unique pieces at affordable prices
Our Mission
The Zari Art Prize is committed to:

Promoting global creativity and excellence.
Showcasing a diverse array of challenging and innovative works.
Facilitating artists to exhibit and sell their works in London.
Offering the public access to high-quality, captivating, and reasonably priced artworks.
Supporting a selected charity each year, reinforcing our belief in art’s power to make a difference.

Key Dates to Remember

Submissions Deadline: 8th September 2024
Shortlist Selection Online: Starts 16th September 2024
Public Vote: 16th September to 5th October 2024
Shortlist Announcement: 7th October 2024
Artwork Delivery: 4th - 8th November 2024
Judges’ Physical Selection of Winners: 11th November 2024
Awards Night and Private View: 14th November 2024
Exhibition Closes: 22nd November 2024
Collection of Unsold Works: 23rd November 2024

Seize this extraordinary opportunity to showcase your talent on an international stage. The Zari Art Prize is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of art, a meeting of minds, and a chance to make your mark. Join us in this exciting journey, submit your work, and let London be the canvas for your creativity.
Submission Guidelines & Entry Process
Before proceeding with your entry, please thoroughly review the terms and conditions as they constitute the contract between the artist and the Zari Art Prize.
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Artists are invited to submit up to 10 entries of works in the mediums of painting, sculpture, and/or photography. Please ensure that artwork images are submitted in JPEG format, do not exceed 10 MB, and are recommended to be at 300 dpi resolution with a minimum width of 1600 pixels to guarantee a high-quality presentation.
Important Hanging and Installation Instructions for Submissions:
Please note that all submitted artwork, except sculptures, must be prepared for display upon arrival. This includes:

Canvases: A wire or hanging hook must be securely attached to the frame.
Photographs: Must be framed and equipped with the necessary hardware for hanging.
Works Printed on Foam Board or Other Boards: Must either have pre-drilled holes for hanging or be equipped with another suitable hanging mechanism.Sculptures: The gallery can provide plinths measuring 30x30x100 cm, so your sculpture should fit within these dimensions. Alternatively, you can arrange for your own plinth or the sculpture can be free-standing. Please be mindful of the weight, particularly for shipping and transport. If the sculptures are fragile, ensure they are adequately packed for protection.

We regret to inform you that we cannot assume responsibility for artworks that do not comply with these requirements for display readiness.
Each submission should include the artwork’s title, year of creation, medium, and dimensions. Paintings, photographs, or prints should not exceed 150 x 150 cm, including frames, and sculptures or 3D works should be within 70 x 70 x 70 cm.
Limited edition prints must include edition size.
Sales and Pricing: All submitted works should be available for sale, with pricing including Zari Gallery’s 25% commission. We advise sensible pricing to facilitate sales and are happy to provide guidance on pricing.
Artists are encouraged to submit an artist statement (up to 100 words) and a CV if shortlisted.
Payment of submission fees is required at the time of entry via credit/debit card.
Please refrain from sending physical artwork unless your piece is shortlisted.
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