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UWS 2022 Small Works Exhibition

Entry Dates 2022-06-15T20:00:00 - 2022-05-07T20:00:00 21 Days Left


Utah Watercolor Society
2022 Small Works Exhibition July 7-27
Red Butte Gardens, Salt Lake City

Best of Show 2021  "Ohana Hands"  by  Sherry Meidell

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Keep this prospectus for information needed at a later time. Please follow instructions carefully. No images or entries will be accepted after 8:00 pm,  June 15. An entry cannot be accepted if entry details, digital images, and fees are not received by the deadline for entries. No entry fees will be refunded.

Deadline for entries:  June 15 at 8:00 pm.
Exhibition dates: July 7—July 27, 2022
Exhibition venue: Red Butte Gardens, 9 am to 9 pm, seven days a week
Online entry only
“Special Considerations” must play a significant role in the composition (see below)
Original work only, completed within last two years. Water media on paper.
All entries must be 144 square inches or less, including frame. Entries must be framed.
$12 per entry (up to 2) for UWS members. No refunds for entries once received
Work must be for sale. (30% commission deducted from all sales)

Calendar of Events

May 9
Online Registration opens

June 12
Last day for UWS Members to request image sizing assistance

June 15
Entry deadline by 8:00 pm including entry details, payment, and digital image

June 20
Accepted paintings notification via email

July 6
Deliver paintings to Red Butte Gardens, 9 am – 12 noon

July 9
UWS Reception and Awards Ceremony, 3pm – 5 pm, Red Butte Gardens

July 27
Last day of exhibit

July 28
Pick up paintings Monday– 9 am – 12 noon, Red Butte Gardens

 Exhibition Venue
Red Butte Gardens
300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
9 am to 9 pm, seven days a week. Closes at 5 pm if outdoor concert is scheduled.
Entry Details
For this exhibition, the Utah Watercolor Society (UWS) will be using an online jurying system to manage the exhibition. Personal information input, entry fee payment, image upload, juror’s selection, and artist notification will all occur within the web application provided by Art Call
             Please pay attention to the prospectus to prevent your paintings from being disqualified.

Special Considerations: All paintings must reflect the mission of Red Butte Gardens to “connect people with plants and the beauty of living landscapes.”  Plants, flowers, trees or pollinators (butterflies, bees, dragonflies, hummingbirds) must play a significant role in the composition. Although persons/animals may be included in the image, the focal point must be botanical. Painting subject is not limited to the Utah landscape.  Contact the exhibition chair for questions.

Paintings must follow the theme to be accepted.

Each artist may submit up to two (2) entries. Open to all UWS members.
Entry fees: UWS members - $12 per entry.

Contact the Exhibition Coordinator: if you have any questions.

No refunds once payment is received.
All entries must be online. Entry website. During online entry, submit painting title, medium, size, price, and image for each entry. Artists may also submit a biography and an artist statement, as an option. See entry instructions below.
At least 80 paintings will hang. Some submissions may be juried out. Jurying for entry will take place online. At least one entry (meeting the qualifications) from each submitting artist will be accepted. Jurying for awards will be completed after the works are delivered to the gallery venue.

Terms and Conditions for Entry
All terms and conditions for entry in this exhibition are required. UWS Exhibition Committee reserves the right to refuse any work for unacceptable quality, improper presentation, damage caused by shipment, inconsistency with theme or for non-compliance of these terms and conditions. Any work, once selected by the juror, later found to be not in compliance with any term or condition, will be disqualified from exhibiting. Entries will also be screened for appropriateness to the mission of Red Butte Garden. The juror’s decision is final. The UWS Exhibition Committee’s determinations and decisions are final.

Open to UWS members. Participants are limited to a total of two (2) entries. No refunds once payment is received.
All works must be original. No copies or likenesses of another artist’s work or works created under instruction.
Use of copyrighted sources is prohibited.
All works must have been completed within the last two years.
All works must be rendered in water media. Artists are encouraged to paint on watercolor paper or canvas, clay board, or other experimental surfaces. Work may be varnished or glazed for surface protection.

No water-based oils or alcohol inks permitted.
A work that is primarily collage must use water media paper painted by the artist. A work that is mixed media/collage must use at least 80% water-based media in conjunction with other media, such as pastel, ink, crayon, printed collage papers, and found papers. These "other media" may not be the dominant element. No work with 3-dimensional found objects or digital art will be accepted.
Acceptable water media includes: transparent watercolor, gouache, water soluble ink, acrylic, casein, and egg tempera.
Any questions on acceptable media should be discussed with the Exhibition Coordinator prior to entry submission. Contact information is at the end of this prospectus.

Framed image may be no larger than 144 square inches including frame. To determine eligible size, multiply height by width of outside edges of frame.

Eligible: A 5”x7” painting in a 8”x10” mat (frame opening), will likely be in a frame measuring 10”x12” outer dimensions = 120 in2.
Eligible: An 8”x10” painting, framed without a mat in an 8”x10” frame opening, will likely be in a frame measuring 10” x 12” outer dimensions = 120 in2.
Not eligible: An 8”x10” image in a 11”x14” mat (frame opening), will likely be in a frame measuring 13”x16” outer dimensions = 208 in2 (too large).


All paintings must be framed and ready to hang with wire supports.
Gallery-wrap presentations as well as traditionally framed water media is acceptable.
Glass, Plexiglas and/or mat are acceptable but not required. Paintings presented without Glass or Plexiglas must have a protective coating or varnish applied.
 Paintings may be floated on a mat or matted in the traditional way, but mats are not required.
 Stable and professional backing material required. 

 Artists are responsible for delivery and pickup of selected work to and from the exhibition venue. See “Calendar of Events,” above, for artwork delivery and pickup dates.

Artists not able to retrieve paintings on specified dates must make arrangements for someone else to pick up the work. Please do not call exhibition coordinator for this service.

Works juried for this exhibition must be delivered for the exhibition dates and remain for the duration of the show.

Artists may not substitute another work for the entry, nor withdraw the work once the exhibit is hung. Artists whose work is selected and then not delivered at the designated delivery date to the exhibition venue is considered withdrawn.
Artists who do withdraw work from exhibition will be denied entry in future UWS Small Works exhibitions for two years.
By entering this exhibition, you grant permission to use your artwork image in publicity.
Artwork deemed not in compliance with this prospectus’ terms and conditions is considered withdrawn.

All artwork must be for sale. A commission of 30% will be deducted from all sales.

No changes in price or other entry details can be made after the submission deadline. By entering this show, the artist enters into a contract with the gallery, which will be the acting agent for the sale of his/her artwork.
All pieces must have a label on the back with Artist’s first and last name, title of the painting, telephone number and email address, and price.
Artists who sell paintings will need to complete a W9 form for the gallery.  Click this link for a blank W9 form. The form also can be downloaded from the resources page of the UWS website,

While utmost care will be taken in handling entries and artwork, neither UWS nor its representative will be responsible for damage or loss from any cause.
By entering this exhibition, you grant the UWS permission to publish digital and print images of your artwork entered in UWS sponsored exhibitions in perpetuity for the purpose of education, for publicity in promotion of its exhibitions and your artwork, for digital and print UWS communications, such as its Newsletter, and for UWS archives. 

Directions for Online Entry
Online entry is through Art Call. If you haven’t used it before, or would like a refresher, here is a link to the ArtCall illustrated instructions:
Step 1: Image Capture.
Before beginning registration, you will need a high-quality digital image for each painting.

Do not include mat or frame in your submitted image.
Set your digital camera or personal device to a high-quality setting to take the photo. If using a newer model personal device or cell phone, recommend transferring a LARGE image to a computer for adjustment, as overall image size cannot exceed 4MB.
Open, level, crop and adjust your image as appropriate. You may need to adjust the longest side of your image to between 1920 pixels (smallest) and 4600px (largest).
No paper or platform edges may show in the cropped image. Improperly cropped images may not be accepted. UWS reserves the right to crop images submitted or to reject improperly cropped images altogether.
Save your image(s) for later retrieval.
Image sizing assistance is available before 6/10/22.

Step 2: Create User Account.  
To create your unique user account, go to https://uws2022smallworkexhibi...

Select “Register” in the upper right of your screen.
All Entrants must have a valid email address to enter.
Fill in all appropriate fields using image size where requested (not frame size); then create your user account.
You may optionally add a short biography statement in your user account.

Step 3: Payment.
Log in to the account you just created. ArtCall requires payment before submitting entry details and uploading images.

You can pay using a credit card on this same secure site.
You may pay for two entries at once, or submit one at a time.
No entry fee refunds will be issued once payment is received.

Step 4: Input Entry Specifics.
After paying, follow the prompts to input your entry information for title, category, media, size, price, and artist’s statement. The artist’s statement is optional.

If you are entering multiple works for consideration, enter painting details for all entries.
Note: All paintings must be for sale; you must list a reasonable price.

Step 5: Image Upload.
Upload your high-quality image(s) from your computer, smart phone, or other personal device.

Image size criteria will be displayed. If your image does not meet the required specifications (i.e. too large or too small), you will receive a notice to make adjustments.
Once your image upload finishes, select the blue View Final Submission button at the bottom left of the screen, to verify your entry.

Step 6: Verify Entry.
After selecting View Final Submission, you will be taken back to your submission page.

If all is well, you will see a small icon-sized view of your painting image with your entry submission.
If your image upload was not successful, you will see a warning that no image is attached to your entry.
To review your entry details, select the blue icon that looks like a bulleted list.
If you need to make any changes, click on the orange Edit icon at the far right column of the entry.

Repeat Steps 2-5 for additional entries, as appropriate.
You will be able to access and make changes to your submissions up until the entry deadline.

Once finished, you can verify your entry from your main login page.
To later edit your entry or entries, go back to the same website and click the blue Login button.

Enter your email and password to open your user account.
If you wish to change an entry, select the Edit option to change entry details.
If you want to change the image, select the red trashcan option under the image. Then upload a new image. Do NOT delete the entire entry (trashcan on the far right).
If you inadvertently click the wrong trashcan button, you will be given a warning and asked if you wish to continue. Select Cancel.

To re-enter a deleted submission, you will need to contact the Exhibition Coordinator to avoid being charged another entry fee.

Note: If you think you may struggle with either the online entry process and/or need image preparation assistance, we have a team ready to help! However, your deadline comes a week early. Please be courteous and plan ahead. Contact the UWS Exhibition Coordinator, before 6/10/2022. 
Al Rounds
Al Rounds' transparent watercolors register a beautiful familiarity with the world we all love. They carry us over a distance of miles and years, which speak of history revisited and of lives well-lived. Scouring back roads and country lanes, searching for the past, Al Rounds continues to capture a particular reverence for the pride of a place
More questions? Contact the Exhibition Coordinator,