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The Teardrop Explodes Exhibition

Entry Dates 2024-03-31T23:59:00+00:00 - 2024-01-11T00:00:00+00:00 33 Days Left


Welcome to the Teardrop Explodes -
A Paisley Pattern Exhibition
This exciting new exhibition for 2024 at The Art Department explores all things Paisley Pattern.
Supported by Renfrewshire Council's Culture, Heritage & Events Fund.
The Paisley Pattern is a centuries old pattern that has been utilised worldwide. It is one of the most highly recognisable motifs and is still sought after in everyday wear and high-end fashion.
In this new project The Teardrop Explodes we will work with artists Marion Gardyne, Lil Brookes, Hector Dyer and Lilja Husmo alongside community partners, artists, printmakers, photographers, weavers, textile artists, a dress historian, and local heritage collections to see the Art Department transformed, covered literally head to toe in Paisley. This is an exciting collaborative fusion of public, private and third sector partners to create an enthusiastic expression of “love” for all things Paisley pattern!  This exhibition will explore the common bonds of the Paisley pattern and “teardrop” across cultures, between generations, with an emphasis on promoting the use of creative expressions of the pattern to be inclusive, welcoming, promoting diversity and enhancing community cohesion, positive mental wellbeing and highlighting our shared experiences as citizens of Paisley in 2024.
We encourage artists working in any medium to submit work which references THE PAISLEY PATTERN.  Artworks can be in any medium and can be entirely new works, or one off reproductions, re-creations, new forms, digital, prints, textiles, photographic, painting, drawing, ceramic and sculptural forms.  The work must include the Paisley Pattern in some manner or form to be considered. 
The “Teardrop Explodes” exhibition will have a booth style layout featuring installations, artworks, displays, memorabilia, costumes, historical context, and textiles.  You are cordially invited to join us and to walk through 18th century garb, Victorian splendour, 60s Biba love, 70’s hippy wear, Laura Ashley print, 70s Paisley punk, new romantics, to high-end Etro and beyond into the next quarter of a century in your best Paisley garb.
A call for entries is at this link
Key Info:
Hand-in for artists: Tue 9 April to Sat 13 April 2024, 10am-4pm.Exhibition runs: Wednesday 1 May – Saturday 29 June 2024.Venue: Gallery 2 - The Art Department, 2-10 Causeyside Street, Paisley, United Kingdom PA1 1UQ.Sales:  Artwork can be for Sale and our commission is 25%+VAT (on commission element only). Remittances will be paid out in July 2024.Hanging Fees:  Selected works will pay a hanging fee of £10 per picture or piece.  Payable on arrival at the hand-in.  Cash or cards accepted.Framing: Artwork should be framed and be either strung or have mirror plates for hanging. click here for an example.