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Summer in the City: Artist Takeover

Entry Dates 2024-08-17T23:59:00+00:00 - 2024-06-29T09:00:00+00:00 25 Days Left


Beat the Heat. Become Liberty Corner’s Coolest Art Vendors!

 Artstryngs  is transforming its gallery this summer and offering shade and shared spaces to coastal artisans in our summer Art Fair called Summer in the City-Artist Takeover.

We are offering multiple spaces to artists and creatives to rent individually or to share with fellow artists to exhibit and sell their work, teach workshops, host film premiers, and much more!

To add some summer sizzle we will be hosting Themed Week-ends throughout the summer with some exciting events. Spaces are available to rent Saturday-Sunday  throughout the summer starting July 19 to August 25, 2024.

Who are We Looking For?

Exhibitors, workshop instructors, vendors, film makers, designers, sculptors, and more to bring Savannah’s diverse art scene together. An embodiment of summer's essence, featuring a diverse array of artistic mediums and handcrafted articles, such as: jewelry, tapestries, clothing,  photography, fine art, high quality crafts.


Starting this July through August at Artstryngs Gallery we are welcome to all forms of media, but for this Art Fair we are keeping it cool by breaking it down week-end by week-end, alternating between week-ends with specific themes and weeks with undefined themes. If you are a creator with an undefined niche, we encourage to apply for the undefined week-end.

Speciality Theme Week-ends

Summer in the City: July 27-28

Summer in the city unfolds with a vibrant yet leisure energy where Savannah is bathed in a golden glow of the sun and laughter that floats on the warm breeze. We are looking for vendors who produce clothing with a flare, photography, a tastes of local food, other high-end crafts and much more that represent Savannah in the summertime!

Dog Days of Summer: Aug 10-11

Dog Days of Summer is meant to represent those of us who love our pets and other animals alike! We are looking for vendors that hone in on animal friendly products, such as: homemade treats, clothing, pet and animal portraits, and much more! 

August  24-25: Endless Summer

Endless Summer embodies a time of carefree joy, where each day unfolds with the promise of outdoor adventures and moments bathed in golden light. It speaks of a nostalgia for endless days of play and exploration, where worries dissolve like sandcastles at the water's edge, and the spirit of summer finds its timeless embrace. We are looking for vendors who produce products and work with this intent and energy in mind; such as: music, high-end crafts, paintings and drawings, photography, sculptures, tastes of local food, and much more!

Undefined Theme Week-ends: 

July 20 - 21
Aug 3 - 4

August 17-18

As the summer sun beats down, Artstryngs Summer in the City Art Fair is offering a refreshing escape. Whether you’re an artist in bloom or well seasoned we invite you to come and cool off, build connections or test new creative directions.

Apply today, more information below.

Available Spaces

We are offering multiple spaces in the main gallery and studio level. 

There is no application fee to submit your proposal. We will only require payment once you have been accepted as a vendor.


There are four booth spaces to choose from in our main gallery. Please refer to the Gallery Floor Plan for each booth space's location, layout, and dimensions. The gallery features 12 ft ceilings, track lighting, courtyard access, kitchen area, and guest Wi-Fi. 

Gallery Booth 1

This space offers 174 square feet of usable floor space, and 43.25 linear feet of wall space, and features a south-facing window on Liberty Street.

Gallery Booth 2

Offers 174 square feet of usable floor space and 48.25 Linear feet of wall space.

Gallery Booth 3

This space at the front of the gallery offers 107 square feet of usable floor space, and 40.25 linear feet of wall space, and features a south-facing window on Liberty Street.

Gallery Booth 4

This space offers 107 square feet of usable floor space, and 51.25 linear feet of wall space, and features a courtyard view.


This space offers 625 square feet of landscaped patio space for daily or evening exhibits.

Upper Level Studios 

The private Studio Spaces offer kitchen space and lounge area, as well as access to the balcony area and courtyard. Suitable for workshops, small exhibitors, or vendor use. Moveable walls are available to partition spaces to accommodate more users.

Double Exposure

Offers 435 sq ft. of private studio space with sink and storage area, floor-to-ceiling north and south-facing windows, and track lighting.

Northern Lights

Offers 300 sq ft. of studio space, two doors, and a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the courtyard.

The Nest

Offers 108 sq ft. of space with sink area and south-facing window.

Art Fair Summer Rates 2024


Gallery 1: $150/week-end

Gallery 2: $150/week-end

Gallery 3: $125/week-end

Gallery 4: $125/week-end




The Nest: $75/week-end

Northern Lights: $125/week-end

Double Exposure: $250/week-end

General Guidelines

Multiple week-ends can be booked
May share spaces with other artists/vendors
Artists are responsible for setting up and breaking down their booth at the end of the rental period
Artists are to provide equipment and display materials for their booth
Artists are responsible for staffing their booth
Artists will handle all sales
No commission fees will be charged by the Gallery
Submission form must be completed describing the intended use of space and a detailed description of materials being exhibited or products to be sold
All applications must comply with submission guidelines
Hours of Exhibition from 11 am - 5 pm  Saturday & Sunday
Gallery will have final discretion on acceptance of applications and submissions 

Call to Arrange a Tour 912-468-5413