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STAR BFA Portfolio Submissions

Entry Dates 2024-03-01T23:59:00+00:00 - 2024-02-09T00:00:00+00:00 3 Days Left


STAR BFA Portfolio Submission Guidelines
Students will see 2 sections to submit the application:

*Students who have completed Foundation 1, 2, 3, and ART 1010 will be given priority consideration.
Section 1
Choose a concentration under CategoryChoose a title for your portfolio i.e. Saeri's Portfolio, BFA Portfolio, etc.Write a list of each artwork's title and description in the Description textbox
Section 2 (This section allows up to 10 attachment files.)
Upload Statement of Intent Word Doc under "Add Entry Images" (This should be the 1st file you upload.)Upload up to 8 artwork images (or video)Video presentation – 5 minutes (mandatory for Visual Communication/Graphic Design and optional for other concentrations).Introduction of yourself to talk about who you are and what your vision is for the program.Present the artwork that you have submitted and explain the process.
Statement of Intent Guidelines
Your Statement of Intent should be 300-500 words.In the first paragraph or the title, indicate what area you are applying to (Painting, Drawing, Photography, Visual Communication Design, 3D Studies, Multimedia Arts, Art Education).The statement should demonstrate focus and direction. You should demonstrate a sense of what you want from the BFA program, and what you’re prepared to put into it. It should be both articulate and conceptual, and discuss the conceptual framework of your art, the ideas that tie the body of work represented in the portfolio together. Also focus on where you are going, what drives you. Special consideration is given to students who are passionate about their creative pursuits.The Statement of Intent should demonstrate your focus and eagerness to learn and develop your artistic skills and voice. What ideas motivate and drive your artwork; what concepts are you working with? Express what you know about your discipline—and be aware that you are talking to intelligent and articulate people who are engaged in the field. Speak to your own strengths without an arrogant or condescending attitude. The relationship between what you write and what you show in your portfolio will demonstrate how you place yourself in the art world. We expect our students to have a strong background both in studio techniques, and what is going on and has gone on in the art world.
Submission Tutorial