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Rio Vista Public Art Project

Entry Dates 2024-03-15T23:59:00+00:00 - 2023-12-15T07:02:00+00:00 17 Days Left


Rio Vista Public Art Project :

South Central Rio Vista at Merit Sky Harbor Business Park

The Sagrado is accepting submissions for the Rio Vista Public Art Project (PHASE 1).

8-10 artists will be selected to create 10 murals (122’ X 18’) and 5 double-door steel gates (22’ X 8’)

The art will encourage a pedestrian-friendly art walk, mindful of the Rio Salado riparian habitat, as well as to honor and acknowledge the original people of these desert lands and the surrounding communities of the Rio Salado. 

PHASE 1 Application: Letter of Interest (LOI)

•Submission close January 30, 2024 : Due to unanticipated developments, the deadline has been extended! 

•Submission close April 30, 2024

•Project Information Sessions will be announced soon. Please be sure to attend !

PHASE 2 full Application: Portfolio, Resume, References

•Submission open TBD 2024

•Finalists Announced TBD 2024

•Artwork fabricated & installed TBD 2024


Applicants must be residents of Arizona at both the time of submission and award notification. The opportunity is open to all art and design professionals, ages 18 and over, race, color, religion, national origin, gender, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or mental disability. Artists are allowed to apply in teams. Artists indigenous to the land are encouraged to apply, and will be highly considered.


Letter of Interest: 600 word maximum. LOI should explain your interest in creating an artistic design element for the South Central Rio Vista at Merit Sky Harbor Business Park. Include a description of yourself or your team and the qualities each person brings to the project.

Describe your artistic background: consider sharing learning experiences and accomplishments (informal or formal education and training, residencies, cultural and creative participation, awards or grants, etc.) that formed you as an artist and contributed to the artist you are today. Be specific and if possible, include dates.  
Describe your identity as an artist and consider sharing the following:

artistic discipline(s)/form(s) (what form(s) do you practice?)
artistic vision and purpose (what inspires the creation of work?)
past and/or current ideas or concepts in your work
influences (who/what influences your life today as an artist?)

To apply:  Create a login on, and submit your LOI  (Now accepting PHASE 1 applications)

For more information on how to apply:  a) view User Entry Process Tutorial video below  b) contact

For more information on the project:  view the full RFQ pdf (currently updating) 

User Entry Process Tutorial