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Pretty Ugly: Art Beyond Beauty

Entry Dates 2023-07-14T23:59:00+00:00 - 2023-05-24T09:00:00+00:00 39 Days Left


Pretty Ugly: Art beyond Beauty
Welcome to Pretty Ugly: Art beyond Beauty.
Deadline for entries: 14 July 2023The show will run Friday 4 August to Sunday 1 October 2023.
There will be an in-person Gala Opening on 12 August, 2pm - 4pm which is open to all, and especially to participating artists who are invited to briefly speak about their pieces that got accepted into the show.
Our feature artist and juror for this show, Pretty Ugly, is award winning artist and popular workshop presenter Caroline James ( She will also be running a workshop the Sunday, August 13th, 9.30am - 4.30am after the Gala Opening. Details about the workshop, Free Expression, will be on our website.Please read these instructions fully AND read through our general submission guidelines at as the latter go over important general information about copyright and originality, as well as where and when works can have previously been shown, etc...
This juried show is an opportunity to challenge conventional notions of beauty and aesthetics. What is the dark side of beauty? We are inviting artwork in any medium and any genre whether abstract, figurative, conceptual or realistic that disrupts and pushes boundaries, that inspires or engages viewers beyond what is considered simply pleasing to the eye. Our juror is Caroline James. Deadline for submissions is Friday, July 14. Show runs August 4th to October 1st. Please review our general submission guidelines under the ‘Participate’ section of our website, as well as some show-specific details. The artist statement shows up on your personal data page. It is designed to say a quick something about yourself. The personal data page also contains your email, phone number... which will NOT be displayed - these are for internal use only. This section only allows 300 characters. There is a field that you may fill in that allows up to 2000 words where you can describe what inspired you about your subject and what part of the creative world or universe it resides. This may go on the blurb beside your piece in the gallery. Lastly, there is a field that you may fill in if you would like to give the gallery viewer information/ insight into your technique and creative process or anything unique about your piece. This may also go on the blurb beside your piece in the gallery. 
**NB**: For sections that allow longer text, we highly recommend first composing in a word document, then cutting and pasting into ArtCall : the website times out in one hour and it's surprising how fast that can happen! Alternatively,  be sure to update the submission frequently!
If submitting an edition or print run, please explain how many works are in the edition: eg: 1/1, 1/10, cyanotype, artist proof, unique or open edition (the latter is discouraged). The cost per submission is $10.00.
If you are accepted to the show, there is an additional $10.00 per accepted piece hanging fee which ArtCall calls a 'booth' fee, and which you will be prompted to pay to be entered properly in the show. In that event, please use the drop down menu and request a 1x1x1 booth on the submission form.
If your piece is sold, we take a 25% commission, which is paid out within a week of show's end.
Thank you for participating in our show! Enjoy Creating!

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