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Pop! Goes the Easel

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POP! Goes the Easel
January 25th through March 17th, 2024
The North Suburban Center for the Arts (NSCA) is excited to partner with guest curator Desirée Forgét for our upcoming exhibition, POP! Goes the Easel.
POP! Goes the Easel seeks artwork that explores themes prominent in the Pop Art genre, including icons and imagery from mass-produced products and popular media, bright and bold colors, and a healthy dose of irony, satire, and humor. From references to early 1950s and 60s artworks that heralded oversized everyday items and celebrity likenesses to later iterations which utilized graphic illustrations to consider the world around us, we're excited to see how you interpret the Pop Art genre in this contemporary moment.
Desirée Forgét is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist based in Minnesota. In her work, Forgét often pulls from her wide skillset to explore whimsical and irreverent themes, with vibrant colors and playful subjects, often reflecting on current issues that hint at the serious while maintaining a carnivalesque sense of the absurd. Her work has been featured in various music videos, movies, and television shows throughout the last ten years and resides in multiple celebrity collections. Forgét is a silversmith with her own jewelry line, opening her first brick and mortar store (OWL+LARK) in Rogers in 2021. She also works as a commercial makeup artist and has been involved in print, film, and television for the last 15 years. In 2020, she started to delve more deeply into painting and visual arts.
Artists may submit up to three artworks for consideration. All mediums and subjects will be considered. Art equal or less than 4x4 ft will be considered first due to our limited gallery space.

Additionally, Friends of the NSCA receive a 30% discount on submission fees. To learn more about becoming a member, visit
$25 to submit one artwork, with additional entries (up to two) for $5 each.
Discounted rates for members: 1 artwork ($17.50), 2 artworks ($21), 3 artworks ($24.50).
If you sign up for a membership when applying, please continue with your application as a non-member and we will refund you the difference within five business days. 
If the application fee poses a financial barrier for you, please email us at to learn more about our scholarship program. The NSCA offers a limited number of scholarships for every exhibition.

Applications are due December 8th at 11:59pm CST.
Note: Notifications will be sent on December 15th. Artwork drop off will be held January 11th-13th.

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