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Ode to Richmond Gallery Members Exhibit

Entry Dates 2024-04-19T23:59:00+00:00 - 2024-03-22T00:01:00+00:00 52 Days Left


"Ode to Richmond" CAC Gallery Members Only  Show 2024 (Crossroads Art Center)
Theme: Ode to Richmond
Crossroads Art Center is delighted to extend an invitation for submissions that pay tribute to our beloved Hometown through our themed Members-Only exhibition: "Ode to Richmond." This unique show draws inspiration from the eloquent poem "Ode to Richmond" penned by Roscoe Burnems, RVA's esteemed First Poet Laureate of 2021. We eagerly anticipate the diverse and creative expressions that will emerge as artists explore and interpret the essence of Richmond through their artistic lenses.
Call For Entry Dates: March 22, 2024 - April 19, 2024
Entry fee is $15 per entry. You may enter up to 3 times
This show is open to CAC Gallery Members Only! You may become a Gallery Member at anytime buy signing up online at https://www.crossroadsartcente...
Work must be executed solely by the artist. No reproductions (like giclee) are permitted unless approved by Jennifer Kirby the owner, or unless the art process IS the printed process, i.e., etching, monoprint, silkscreen, lithograph, etc. Printed digital images created by the artist with a computer program such as Procreate, Photoshop, etc., ARE permitted. All 2D work must be wired, no sawtooth hangers.
The gallery reserves the right to refuse work. Work that has been in a previous show at the art center may not be entered again.All work must be available for sale through the end of the show (unless purchased during the show). If show is online only, artists must be able to deliver art for purchase or approval to Crossroads Art Center within 48 hours of request.
All work must be for sale, and must be available for sale by the artist until the end of the show. Commission for sales is 30%. 
All pieces submitted will be the show in the virtual exhibition online. Our goal is to also show all pieces LIVE in the Live exhibit at CAC.  We will notify you by April 28, 2024 to confirm that your piece or pieces will be also shown Live!
Drop off date for work chosen to be shown live: Friday, May 3rd, 2024 - Thursday, May 9, 2024, by noon
Open House Weekend: Friday, May 17, 5pm - 8pm, Saturday, May 18, 10am - 5pm, & Sunday, May 19, 2024 12pm - 4pm
Exhibition Dates: Friday May, 17, 2024 – Sunday, June 30, 2024
This Themed Members-Only show is inspired by the poem "Ode to Richmond" by Roscoe Burnems, RVA’s First Poet Laureate, 2021
One of the first poems Douglas Powell, aka Roscoe Burnems, published about his hometown was Ode to Richmond. “This was around the time when we were starting to see that Richmond had really turned into an art city. They redid the Arts District, and they were opening all these galleries down there, and there were all these beautiful murals that were being placed all across the city,” he says. “I love art. And that’s one of the things that really struck me about the city: how it embraces artists.”
Rainbows cascading across the ribs of Boulevard.Lost lives on lips of 17th and Main.Honey bees cycle upon the back of Caryand Davis Ave dances in rain.The skin of Jackson Ward’s buildingstell the story of legacy.When the mind does not fit upon the canvasand thirsts for reach,it is not James River that quenches an artist,it is the hunger for feat.Brick and mortar battle with bustling brushes,hues slain across wallThis becomes a civil war for creative unrest,another canvas falls.A body of tattoos in abstraction and technicolor, of joy, of memories, of hurt.Richmond is home to some of the greatest art on earth.A reflection of its people. A tell-tale of its ghosts,found in the heart of the music,in poetry, and mostnever truly appreciate the frame of thought,when imagination cannot be caught in wovencotton and needs space for anarchyand chaos and craft and desires to be free.That is when Richmond becomes a gallery.
Read more in Richmond Magazine: Click Here
For 2D pieces we require 2 images (cropped and detail) if not framed. If framed, we require a 3rd image of the work, in its frame, at the time of submission. For 3D work, we need 3 images (front, back, detail).
Important Information:
Before submitting artwork, please read and make sure you understand thoroughly procedures and expectations for participating in our 2024 shows.
Submission Details:
You will need an artist statement - 200 Word limit in first person to enter the shows.
1. You do not have to create a portfolio site to enter the show.
2. The way you fill out the form is how it will be shown on the labels, awards, and publicity.
a. Use Capital Letters for the first letters of your name.
b. Prices - DO NOT TYPE IN A COMMA. This produces the wrong price. ArtCall will add it automatically.
c. Measurements - HEIGHT first, then Width then Depth (H x W x D).
3. Statement regarding the piece of art - The character limit is 300!! This is used for all publicity online and on labels. Spellcheck it as well as word count it! These statements are displayed with the art.
{FYI -You can go back in and add/edit images and edit text until the call ends.}
After entering, please go back and double check your information. Did you enter the required 2 or 3 photos? Is your price correct? Measurements? Is your statement complete? 
If you make changes, don't forget to click on "Update Submission" when you are done.
VERY IMPORTANT: You can delete and change photos, and change text within each submission up until end-of-call. Do not delete an entire submission and then add a new one--ArtCall will charge you for a new submission!
 3 images of each piece are required, one of the art without frame, one with frame, and a close detail image (zoomed into a small section of interest). If the art is unframed, only 2 photos are required. {ALL images must be submitted before the end of Call for Entries!} Work must be WIRED to hang--no sawtooth hangers. If work is not wired, it will not be accepted into show.
NOTE: if the work is framed, we must have the outside measurements of the frame (H x W x D). Please do not guess. If we do not have the measurements for the art and/or the framed art, your piece will not be allowed in the show. Walls and backgrounds SHOULD NOT SHOW in photos. When taking the digital image please make sure the photo is not at an angle or crooked.
For each 3D, installation, or wearable art entry, submit 3 images: one overall front image, one overall rear or sideview image, and one detail image (zoomed into a small section of interest).
Detail images must show an important aspect of the art. Make sure that both the full-view and detailed images are oriented correctly.