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NMWS Fall Show 2021

Entry Dates 2021-08-20T18:00:00 - 2021-07-11T06:00:00 21 Days Left


The 2021 NMWS Albuquerque Fall Exhibition
We are pleased to invite you to submit original watermedia for our fall exhibition with Guest Juror/Judge Steve Griggs. Selected works will be displayed at the Expo NM Fine Arts Gallery. Final awards will be presented at an opening reception on October 2, 2021. Art will be on display and available for sale from October 2-24 per the Exhibition Schedule. Artists may elect to have their painting available for NMWS online sales after the Exhibition until December 1, 2021. There is also an opportunity to participate in a 4 day workshop with Steve Griggs from Sept 28 – Oct 1, for details see
CASH prizes total $2000 !     Merchandise awards total $1500 !
Artists may enter up to 3 paintings. 1 painting = $30, 2 paintings $40, 3 paintings $50, with a maximum of 2 selected for exhibition/judging.
Accepted paintings must NOT be in other shows July 12 to October 24, 2021
Selection for this show earns NMWS Signature Member points (for details on signature membership, see

PAINTING ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: (please read carefully)

Minimum image size is 80 square inches.  Maximum image size is 30” x 38”. 
Each artist can enter up to 3 paintings – juror’s selections are limited to 2 per artist for the exhibition.
Entries must be original and entirely the work of the unsupervised artist and must have been completed within the last two (2) years.
Only works not previously accepted or shown in National Shows, Western Federation, MasterWorks of New Mexico or either of the NMWS Fall-Spring shows, may be entered.
Failure to maintain availability for purchase of an accepted painting or selling the accepted painting elsewhere prior to the NMWS Exhibition will result in a two (2) year exclusion from all NMWS Exhibitions.

*Copies, prints and digitally produced materials of any kind are not allowed*


PIGMENTS AND MEDIA: (The use of high quality, professional grade materials are always encouraged.)
Watercolor, gouache, egg tempera, casein, watercolor pencils and crayons, pigmented Inks that are lightfast and water-soluble, as well as Fluid Acrylics.
“Texture” in a painting may be created by thin layer collage or gesso.  “Texture” created by thick application of any media itself is NOT allowed. That is, NO heavy-bodied acrylics or gel mediums of any kind are acceptable for this exhibition.  No water-based oils.
Collage is only acceptable using plain white papers or papers painted by the artist with approved water media.  No printed or embedded three-dimensional objects, commercial papers and computer- generated art, encaustic, wax, woven, or dimensional build-up of textured materials or photography of any form is allowed.

Supports allowed in the exhibition are 100% Cotton Rag paper or board, Oriental papers and Yupo.  Ampersand Aquabord™ and Gessobord™ are also allowed.  Canvas products/supports and Claybord™ are not allowed in this exhibition.

All accepted paintings must be framed in metal or wood frames, with white or off-white mats. Color liners (inner mat) are acceptable and should not to exceed ¼ inch.  Top mats must be white or off white and covered to gallery standards with Plexiglas.  Use of glass is not allowed.  All water-soluble work that is unvarnished must be matted and under Plexiglas.  All paintings must have sealed /finished backs and hanging wire (coated is recommended) that peaks at center 3-1/2” inches from the top of the frame.  See link for expanded hanging requirements.
For the Fall Exhibition, paintings must be framed and covered with Plexiglas
Please read these NMWS Hanging Standards and share a copy with your framer. Failure to comply with these standards could result in exclusion of your painting from the Exhibition. 

To allow artists to present their paintings in a more contemporary fashion the NMWS Exhibitions Prospectus includes the Alternative Presentation Category.
This category is applicable for paintings presented without Plexiglas, with the understanding that all requirements for Painting Entry, Applicable Materials and Presentation as described in this Exhibition Prospectus have first been met.


Deep supports consist of 1”-2-1/2 “ thick, ready to hang “cradled” Aquabord™, Gessobord™ and/or hardwood panels with allowable paper securely attached and sealed with varnish.  If mounting paper to wood, it is recommended that the paper be protected from the acids in the hardwood support.  Golden recommends two (2) coats of GAC-100 to seal bare wood. Suitable glue such as PVA (poly-vinyl acetate) or soft gel (matte), is recommended to mount paper to wood so that it is both archival and secure. Go to:  Lineco Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) - BLICK art materials , or for  product information and technical details  refer to Golden Artist Colors, Inc. | Gels and Mediums Tech Sheet .
Shallow supports consist of works on approved supports less than 1” deep (boards or panels), must be framed inside a “floater” frame or a regular frame with or without Plexiglas.  If a mat is used with the painting, it must be behind Plexiglas. Presentation of unprotected or unsealed paper or mats with any painting is not permitted.
Floated & Framed presentation is also acceptable. This is defined as paintings on approved deep or shallow supports or papers, that are unsealed or floated in a frame with or without a mat, behind Plexiglas (no glass).  This presentation can be used to show off the deckled edges of the paper.
**IMPORTANT: The Alternative Presentation is not an “anything goes/experimental category”.  The use of approved materials as described in the main Exhibition Prospectus, is required for all acceptable entries. This category is an expansion of presentation options for eligible water-media paintings without traditional matting and Plexiglas.



Paintings purchased online after the physical exhibition ends must be mounted, matted and READY-TO-FRAME. Sales will be limited to continental US. Shipping, including postage cost is the responsibility of the selling artist, so price your work accordingly. Sales will be handled by NMWS, with a 25% processing fee, to include payment of NM state taxes. Payment to artist will not be released until confirmation of receipt of painting by buyer is confirmed, ideally within 10 days of sale.
Failure to maintain availability for purchase of an accepted painting or selling the accepted painting elsewhere prior to or during the NMWS Exhibition will result in a two (2) year exclusion from all NMWS Exhibitions.

Paintings selected by the guest juror (from digital files) for display in the exhibition, which are found, upon physical inspection by members of the NMWS Exhibition Committee, not to meet or conform to the NMWS Show Prospectus-Acceptable Materials and Presentation standards and guidelines, may be rejected and denied NMWS Exhibition entry.

Select the menu items for additional details on schedules, painting delivery, and show location. A printable version of the prospectus is available at
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