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LSAG 2022 Show

Entry Dates 2022-06-03T23:59:00 - 2022-05-01T00:00:00 9 Days Left


LSAG 2022 Show June 18, 2022

Entries Open May 1, 2022
Entries Close June 3, 2022 NO EXCEPTIONS


For LSAG database questions contact Stephanie Clark (281) 798-0260

For Questions concerning Website or other questions concerning the show contact Stephanie Clark (281) 798-0260 or Richard Faviell (936) 632-3447 

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1. Art work must be qualified for this show by placing first, second, third, first honorable mention or earned a best of at an LSAG sanctioned league OPEN show from fall 2021 through spring 2022 and have been entered into the LSAG data base. 
2. The artist must be a CURRENT active member of an LSAG league in good standing.
3. Each piece of artwork must be entered in the category/division used when it qualified. The title should be the same as when it qualified.
4. The photo of your art work submitted must have any signature obscured.
5. Qualifying artworks may be entered only ONCE in an LSAG show.  Once a piece goes through a season, qualifies, and goes to the LSAG show, it may NOT be entered into another show ---league or LSAG show--- ever again, not another year, & not another league's show.
6. LSAG members can verify their work eligibility in LSAG's database. The link is


All artwork: $10.00 per entry.

Fees will be paid online via credit card. 


Each category/division will award 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place ribbons and any honorable mention ribbons that the judge deems appropriate. Elementary and Middle School Divisions will award $10 for 1st place in all categories. All other category/division with 1 to 9 entries will award $25 to 1st place, with 10 to 19 entries $50 to 1st place, and 20 or more entries $100 for 1st place.

There is also a Best Of Show ribbon and a $200 award chosen from the first place winners.

                        Best Of Show Student ribbon and $100 award chosen from the first place winners in the student divisions

                        Best Floral ribbon and $50 award


Each artist can request a crtique of one of their works by the judge. There is a question on the submission form that asks if a crtique is requestd. The critiques will be done in a zoom meeting on June 18, 2022 beginning at 10 AM. The artist must be in the zoom meeting to receive the critique. The order of critiques will be by division and alphabetically by artist last name. We will start with division I professional and proceed in order through division V elementary school. The crtiques are limited to one per artist and the artist can choose which of their works to critique at the zoom meeting. The link for the meeting will be provided June 14, 2022.


Registration opens May 1, 2022
Leagues show placings must be entered into the LSAG data base by May 25th.
Registration closes June 3th, at mid-night, no exceptions
Judging  completed by June 16th at noon
Public Viewing June 18th 8 AM
Judge Critiques June 18th starting at 10 AM via zoom. Details to be announced.


All awards/prizes will be forwarded to the artist's home league. Artists may contact their league president on how to collect their awards.

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