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Listening to Water

Entry Dates 2023-08-04T23:59:00+00:00 - 2023-04-01T00:01:00+00:00 127 Days Left


Submission Deadline: August 4, 2023Show Opens: September 15, 2023Show Closes: October 20, 2023
Middle Spring Watershed Association (MSWA), in conjunction with SHAPE Gallery in Shippensburg, are pleased to announce a call for art forLISTENING TO WATER, an exhibit on the interflowing significances (e.g. aesthetic, emotional, ecological, hydrological, social, recreational, etc.) of moving water.  This show will feature diverse art that aids people in contemplating and appreciating various aspects of riparian experience. We are especially interested in art that:
Evokes the fluidity and movement of water; Calls attention to social or political issues relating to water and waterways; Interrogates patterns of interaction between people and waterways (individually or culturally; past, present, or future); and/orIs kinetic or multi-sensory.
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