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Land of Legend: Exploring the American West Through Images and Artifacts

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Call for Entries 
Land of Legend: Exploring the American West Through Images and Artifacts 
Invitational and Open Call for photography and Western gear.
Hosted by Cowgirl Artists of America
Call Open: February 1- May 31 
Exhibition Dates: September 20 - November 10Exhibition Location: Tubac, ArizonaCategories accepted: Photography and hand-made traditional gear (including, but not limited to, boots, chaps, saddles, buckles, bridles, braided horsehair, woven saddle blankets, etc.)

Entry Overview
Call Open: February 1- May 31 (call closes at 11:55 PM Central)
$30 for for up to 10 pieces

Artists ages 18+ are invited to submit. You do not have to be a CGA member to apply. CGA members can use their discount code (found in the member space). Use the code at checkout. Discounts cannot be retroactively applied.
Categories accepted: Photography and hand-made traditional gear (including, but not limited to, boots, chaps, saddles, buckles, bridles, braided horsehair, woven saddle blankets, etc.)Theme: The "American West" as portrayed through the hands and eyes of female western artists.
Some restrictions apply, see below for details.Artcall Instructions:
To apply you will need to "login" or "register and apply." Upon logging in or registering, you will update your Profile. After updating your profile you will be able to submit work. Each work submission is called an "application" in the artcall site, but it is still all part of your one submission. You may submit up to 10 pieces for consideration. To submit each piece you will click the orange, "+Add New Application" button. You will then upload your photo(s) for that piece. After you submit that piece you will then click the orange, "add new application" button to submit your next piece. Each piece should show up as it's own separate submission when you look at your application. You can make edits to your application until the call closes. We strongly encourage you to begin your application at least several days before the call closes. This ensures you are able to get support should you need it. (Please keep in mind that we are not able to offer 24/7 support. Nor do we offer refunds for incomplete applications. This includes trying to submit work at the last minute and not having time to get support.)
(Please note that for security purposes the artcall system times out after 60 minutes. Do not type out your bio, statement, and CV within the artcall site. If you do not have this ready, and/or it needs to be edited, do so on your computer and then copy and paste, or upload into the artcall system. If you are editing within the artcall platform and the system times out you will lose your work. Once saved, your application can be edited until the call closes by logging back in to the system. For support please email

Judging Criteria
Artists are to present up to 10 pieces for consideration in the show. All works must be available for sale.Attention will be paid to:Initial impression Composition and Design Technical Execution Attracts and holds attention Aesthetic quality
All styles are welcome, no preference will be given for traditional or contemporary work. Keep in mind this is a western show, and works should represent the genre, which includes landscapes, wildlife, farm and ranch scenes, horses and cattle, etc.Work is accepted based on the juror’s scores and the space available.Photographers, ensure that you understand the definitions of each category and select the appropriate category for each image.

Best in Show award for Photography $500Best in Show award for traditional gear $500Honorable Mention award in Photography $250Honorable Mention award in traditional gear $250All exhibited works will be offered for sale by Tubac Center for the Arts for the duration of the show.​All submissions will be considered to be featured on social media and podcast interviews.​

Megan Wimberley | Artist
Megan Wimberley grew up steeped in the traditions of the American West; spending her formative years horseback, surrounded by the iconic gear that defines the culture. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, Wimberley initially ventured into the realm of photography, managing a business for several years, but eventually returning to her roots in drawing and painting. She has a passion for both traditional and contemporary Western art and the stories it shares.

With a keen eye for artistic excellence and a heartfelt commitment to the Western artistic community, Wimberley took a pivotal step in 2021 by establishing Cowgirl Artists of America. Through this platform, she endeavors to champion the diverse talents of female Western artists, fostering a vibrant space that celebrates the rich heritage and artistic expressions of the American West.

Application Requirements
Up to 10 works may be submitted per application. One application per artist. 
Photography should not exceed 56 inches framed on any side. When submitting work, list the framed size.

*Definition of terms:
Documentary Photography- Photography with no post production, beyond standard film development or digital photography printing.Film Photography- Photographs captured on a film camera with no digital post-processing.
Digital Photography- Photography with a digital camera intent to capture what is actually seen. Any significant manipulation (if added) of an image is done primarily in camera, with only basic corrections done in post production.Digital Art Photography- Photographs that have a significant amount of post production with editing intended to alter or enhance the original image beyond reality. Images that contain multiple photos taken with different lenses and stitched together, or images that are heavily edited in post production to significantly add, take away, or distort what was seen go into this category. This category also includes photographs that have been edited in post-production to appear as a painting or drawing.FAQ about photography categories and definitions:Q: Can you provide more clarity on what is considered "basic adjustments" in Digital Photography?
A: Basic adjustments typically include minor corrections to exposure, contrast, and color balance. The primary goal is to enhance the photo without significantly altering its original content.Q: In Digital Art Photography, what does "heavily edited in post-production" mean?
A: Digital Art Photography involves significant post-production editing, such as compositing multiple images, adding or removing elements, or distorting reality. This category also includes images edited to resemble paintings or drawings if this manipulation was not done in camera.Q: Can you elaborate on what is considered "editing intended to alter or enhance the original image beyond reality" in Digital Art Photography?
A: This phrase refers to intentional modifications that go beyond realistic representations, including surreal or fantastical elements added in post-production to create a unique, artistic interpretation.
Q: Is there flexibility in category selection, or does each photograph fit into a single category?
A: Each photograph should align with a specific category, but we understand that artistic interpretations may vary. Choose the category that best reflects the dominant characteristics of your work. Please email info@cowgirlartistsofamerica if you need additional support.
Q: Why are there so many categories, isn’t photography just photography?A: Photography is a versatile and dynamic medium that encompasses a wide range of styles, techniques, and creative approaches. The purpose of having distinct categories is to celebrate the diversity within photography and provide a platform for artists to showcase their unique visions. Each category represents a different aspect of the art form, allowing us to appreciate the various ways photographers interpret and capture the world. The categories help both artists and viewers navigate the rich landscape of photography, ensuring that each style and approach receives the recognition it deserves. Ultimately, these categories aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the depth and breadth of photographic artistry.Q: Can I submit images in which I use AI to help with editing?A: No. CGA does not allow any AI created/assisted images in its exhibitions and you agree to this term when you apply.

Works submitted must be the artist's own, original creation.
All limited editions must be signed and numbered.
All work in the traditional art category must be hand-made.
There are no limits based on year made.
*No AI work in any form (niether in part, nor or in whole) is accepted. By applying to this show you are agreeing not to submit AI generated work. If you submit work that is in part or in whole AI generated, you agree to pay a $5000 breach of contract fee. By submitting your application you agree to this term.


We recommend, but do not require, that photographs be printed on high quality, fine art paper; not on canvas, metal, wood, etc. If your work will be printed on anything other than a fine art paper please specify with each submission. Photographs printed on fine art paper must be framed and matted. Simple (but nice looking) frames are acceptable. Photographs printed on canvas must be at least 1.5 inches thick and have the images wrapped around the edges, or be framed.

All 2-d work must have a wire hanger.
Artwork is assessed upon arrival. Work that is not finished neatly and does not follow the above rules will not be placed in the show.

For 2-D works submit the following for each work:
One digital image of your photograph. (i.e. just your image, not a photograph of a printed photograph)If printed on anything other than paper, we recommend submitting one additional photo of your printed work or a mockup of the printed work.
For traditional artists, please submit the following for each work:
3 to 4 images from different angles. These should give the juror a good idea of the quality and craftsmanship of the piece as a whole. Please photograph with non-distracting backgrounds in a professional manner. Images should be clear, sharp, and well-lit.

Technical Notes:
Files must be 10 MB or less jpg filesNo specific file name requirements

Artwork submitted for consideration must be a minimum of $100. (Photographers, remember to include the additional cost for a frame in your pricing.)

Standard terms are a 60/40 split (60% of sale funds going to the artist).Participating artists must reserve accepted pieces for the show. Any work sold after the show, as a direct result of the show, is subject to the 60/40 split.

Wednesday, September 11 through Tuesday, September 17, 2024: Shipped work accepted at TCA (Fed Ex or UPS only)
Monday, September 16, 2024: Hand Delivered Artwork accepted at TCA

Artwork that needs return shipping if unsold must include a return shipping label. Work must be shipped in such a way that it can be easily repackaged should return shipping be required. No packing peanuts. Artists who ship their work in such a way that new packing materials or extensive work is required for repackaging will be charged a fee. **When packaging your work remember that it may need to be repackaged. Anything that can not be reused or is challenging/overly complicated to reuse should not be used. Examples include packing peanuts, shrink wrapping, cellophane, and complicated foam support systems. We recommend boxes specifically designed for shipping artwork. These typically have a hinged lid, foam, and plastic protection. These can be pricier, but they also hold up well and can be reused. We have also heard from artists who prefer to cut the sides of pool noodles to place around the edges of their work for added protection. The key is strong, simple, and reusable. 

Any alternative arrangements must be made in writing and agreed to by all parties in advance. 

Important Dates
Feb 1, 2024: Applications open
May 31, 2024: Application deadline at 11:55 pm Central
June 1-15th, 2024: Online jury process.
June 15th, 2024: Deadline for artist notifications 
June 30th, 2024: Deadline for artist to submit contract
Wednesday, September 11 through Tuesday, September 17, 2024: Shipped work accepted at TCA
Monday, September 16, 2024: Hand Delivered Artwork accepted at TCA
Thursday/Friday, September 19/20, 2024: Awards selection made by juror(s) in person.
Friday, September 20, 2024: Opening reception and awards announcement 5-7pm
Monday, November 11, 2024: Artwork pickup at TCA
November 18-22, 2024: TCA Ships artwork back to artists or buyers

Location: Tubac Center for the Arts, #9 Plaza Rd, Tubac, AZ 85646

Artist Agreements
If accepted, artists must sign and return the artist agreement by June 30th