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Laband Gallery Student Juried Exhibition

Entry Dates 2020-03-23T17:00:00 - 2019-12-02T12:00:00 32 Days Left


Young Contemporaries 2020
36th Annual Student Juried Exhibition at Laband Art Gallery, LMU

Welcome to the Laband Art Gallery's Student Juried Exhibition. This annual exhibition celebrates artwork created by LMU students during the past year. Artwork entered will be judged and selected by two art-world professionals—this process is called jurying and it is a common selection process for artists. Jurors’ choices are not based on any set theme or criteria and artwork from all media is welcome: 2-D and 3-D design, ceramics, drawing, graphic arts, typography, illustration, multimedia, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and performance.  Students are able to enter up to three separate works, which are judged independently. Cash prizes will be awarded by the jurors. Some departmental scholarships will also be awarded to students who participate in the exhibition.

Who can Submit:
Submissions are open to undergraduate students (freshman–senior) who have taken any art class at LMU during the 2019–2020 academic year.
What Can or Can’t Be Submitted:
1.         Work must have been completed in summer 2019, fall 2019, or spring 2020 semester.
2.         Work does NOT need to have been done for a class assignment.
3.         Submit the best work you have made during the past school year.
4.         A series of works cannot be submitted as a single work.
How to Submit:
1.         Application is done entirely online. There is no need to bring your art to the gallery unless you are chosen to exhibit the work. 
2.         Work entered does not need to be framed or matted at the time of submission. (Special Note: if submitting ceramics it must be fired and or
            glazed). If work is accepted, the artist will have approximately 10 days to make it “ready for presentation.” (See
            #1 and #2 below in After You Submit).
3.         If submitting 3-D works, such as ceramics or sculpture, images from multiple angles may be uploaded. Artists may also upload ‘detail’ shots to
            give jurors a better idea of the texture of a work.  You can watch a quick tutorial on photographing artwork if you have never done it before:
4.         Documentation of performance-based works can be submitted as still or video images. A detailed explanation must be included in the artwork
            description box.
5.         Artworks needing special equipment (pedestal, projector, monitor, computer, ipad or any other special display system) should also be noted in
            the artwork description box. Please consult with the Gallery Manager,, prior to submitting if you have questions. 
6.         Please fill in ALL required information.  When filling in the Application Title box include your name and the corresponding submission number (1,
             2, or 3.)
7.         Submission is not a guarantee of inclusion in the exhibition.
When to Submit
1.         Online Submissions will be open 24/7 beginning December 2nd 2019.
2.         Submission Deadline: Monday March 23rd, 5 pm
After You Submit
1.         The jurors will review all submissions and make their selections. Artists will receive notice if their work was juried into the exhibition.  If selected,
            artwork will be requested to be delivered to the Laband by a specific date and time.
2.         If your work is selected, now is the time to frame it, mount it and get it “ready for presentation” for display on a wall, pedestal, monitor etc.
3.         A “How To Get Your Artwork Ready for Presentation Workshop” will be offered on Friday, April 3rd 11-12:15 in the Laband Gallery.
            This workshop will be an opportunity to ask questions about how to prepare your artwork to be displayed in the exhibition.
4.         Exhibition dates: April 22 to May 9, 2020.
5.         There will be no insurance coverage for this exhibition. Neither the academic departments, the Laband Gallery nor CFA will be responsible for
             broken, damaged or missing work. However, the utmost care will be taken to prevent any such occurrences.
Click the blue Register Button on the top right of the screen to begin.
Meet the 2020 Jurors:
Evan Senn (LMU 2006)  is a curator, writer, artist and art historian in the Southern California area. She is currently the Director/Curator for the Golden West College Art Gallery in Huntington Beach and teaches Art History at Laguna College of Art and Design as well as California State University, Fullerton. She is the current Editor-In-Chief for OC Art Blog, the former Editor-In-Chief of Culture Magazine and Inland Empire Weekly, and has worked in staff positions at YAY! LA Mag and Artillery Magazine. Her Master’s Thesis and first published book, Cement Sanctuary: Contemporary Street Art in Los Angeles (2011) has helped establish her as an expert in alternative and underground art movements. Evan has contributed to a number of other books on art, including TMRWLND: The Secret Stays Unknown - The Art of Dereck Seltzer & Tina St. Claire (2016), Seeing the Invisible (2015), Yarn Bombing L.A., and many art catalogues. In 2013, Evan was an Artist-in-Residence at Grand Central Art Center, during which she produced a documentary called Life of a [Female] Artist with Ingrid Reeve. She has curated at several Los Angeles and Orange County art galleries since 2005, and has contributed as an arts writer for numerous publications.

Los Angeles artist Alejandro Poli Jr. (aka Man One / LMU 1993) is a multi-award winning artist, illustrator, curator, and entrepreneur.  His work has been exhibited in many galleries worldwide and had numerous solo exhibitions. His work has been shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, The Getty, LACMA, Parco Museum in Tokyo, and the Smithsonian Institute Washington D.C. among others. He has conducted workshops meant to foster mutual respect across ideological lines in Northern Ireland, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Panama, and throughout the US. In 2002, he founded Crewest Gallery in LA to legitimize graffiti art as valuable and collectible and give graffiti artists a professional venue to showcase their work. Man One has been featured on TV and in film including MTV’s Pimp My Ride, ABC’s Extreme Makeover, America’s Next Top Model; John Tucker Must Die, The Roommate; TV commercials for Ford, Microsoft, Target and Verizon. He has also painted live on stages across the country for MTV with The Black Eyed Peas, De La Soul, Wyclef Jean as well as performed with George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic.
Thank you for following these instructions and submitting your artwork.
Best of luck from the Laband Art Gallery.
Questions? Please email Molly Corey, Gallery Manager, (