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CEAD Works 2022

Entry Dates 2022-05-27T23:59:00 - 2022-04-17T18:00:00 2 Days Left




Welcome - Submissions open to ALL Students Now 

Greetings fellow NCAD evening students. It’s our great pleasure invite you to submit your work to this year's NCAD Evening Students Exhibition which will take place June 23rd to June 30th in the Design Building at NCAD.

Firstly, some important information about this year's exhibition.

The submission, selection, and curation for the exhibition will all be done online this year.
This means only selected pieces will need to be dropped to the college for the exhibition and collected afterwards.
Also the dates to drop your exhibition items to the college for hanging will occur much closer to the date of the exhibition.
We will be charging one simple fee of €15 for participating in the exhibition which will cover entry and commission (if you choose to put any of your works up for sale).
Your college email address will be our main mode of communication so make sure to keep an eye out for updates from us or you can also check out the website we have created which we will keep updated
All our social media & exhibition links are here

All Students

Before you start your submission

Spending some time prepping your submission before you start filling in the online submission will make it go more smoothly. 

See the Submission & Other Instructions above & Watch the Friendly Video below.
There is a sample submission in the Web Gallery for you to take a look at
When you have done that click the Register & Apply button above.
Remember you can edit your registration and submissions upto the closing date.
and you can always email the committee at if you have questions or need help.

Register on the site

You must create an account with first, please if possible use your college email address. See the video below.

The entry fee is €15 per student (which covers all modules you attended). The fee is to support the cost of running the show which is funded by the ESU. Please email us if this presents a difficulty for you.

User Entry Process Tutorial

Please watch this if you have questions.