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BoMA Jewelry Design Challenge

Entry Dates 2021-09-20T00:37:00 - 2021-07-20T00:37:00 51 Days Left


BoMA Jewelry Design Competition

Welcome to the first annual BoMA Jewelry Design Challenge. A real, live contest for BoMA members with fantastic prizes and everything!

Please read the submission guidelines carefully and ensure you follow them. If your submission does not follow the guidelines it will be rejected. You may resubmit your entry before the deadline.

Who Can Enter
This competition is only open to BoMA members. If you’re not already a BoMA member, you can join and submit your entry right up to the entry deadline on September 20.

Submissions from non-members will not be accepted or acknowledged. All BoMA members can enter except BoMA board members, advisory board, and committee chairpeople. 

How to Enter
Register on and you’ll receive a materials kit in the mail. All entries must use the purchased materials kit in part or in full. Participants will pay $35 for the kit (retail value over $70). Kit will be mailed to the address provided on your registration form.

Contents of the kit:

22ga sterling sheet 3” square
20ga copper sheet 6” square
1.6mm sterling tubing 6”
20ga sterling wire 24”
Fine silver mesh 11 wires/cm 6cm sq
20ga copper wire 24”

You may add one visual element that is not copper or silver, in addition to the items in the kit. Since this is a Jewelry Design Challenge, all entries must be wearable.

BoMA members may submit one entry only. All entries must be submitted online thru, no other submission methods will be accepted.

Submit up to three photographs of your entry following the rules for submitting photographs. Fill in the form on that accompanies your photograph(s). Accept the terms and the privacy requirements.

All entries must be the work of the BoMA member and must be a unique and original design. Entries should not have won an award in any other competition. 

Important Dates & Costs
Online registration begins July 20, 2021 and the deadline for submissions is September 20, 2021. Registration includes the cost of the kit ($35) and there are no additional fees. All entries must use the provided materials kit in part or in full.

All photographic entries must be submitted by the deadline of September 20, 2021, there will be no exceptions to this. Only photographic entries will be considered for the competition and late entries will be notified that they will not be considered.

Participants can send their physical entries to RGallery on or before September 25th, for sale starting October 1. Mailing address is:

2027 Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Attn: Kim

Please include your name, name of piece (if any), materials used (in addition to kit), retail price (commission is 55% artist/45% RGallery), return packaging and postage (if you want your piece mailed back to you at the end of the show). You can also make arrangements to pick up your work at the end of the show. 

Rules on Submitting Photographs

Here are the rules for submitting your photograph(s):

Up to three photographs may be entered per submission. Do not list your name, company name or logo or any other information that may identify you in your photograph(s).
Original attachment filenames are discarded, as all filenames are renamed on upload.
Photos must be under 4mb, a minimum of 960px and maximum of 1920px on the longest side and JPEG or PNG format
Use high-quality photograph(s) with a plain, uncluttered background and no additional props (plants, rocks etc).
Do not show jewelry on a model. 
Details of the piece should be clearly visible in the image(s).
The photograph(s) must be in focus and well lit.

Judge and Jury

The jury will evaluate each photographic entry anonymously, ie, without knowing the name of the member who submitted it. The only thing the jury will see when they are making their deliberations is the photograph(s) of your submission. It is vitally important that your photograph(s) represents your work in the very best way possible.

The jury will choose ten finalists. The judge will choose the first, second and third prize winner from the ten finalists. The jury is composed of the BoMA board of directors, Executive Director and Assistant Director. The judge is Robert Dancik.

Good luck!

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