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Art Around The Square July 2024

Entry Dates 2024-05-15T18:41:00+00:00 - 2024-01-01T11:55:00+00:00 78 Days Left


ArtAroundTheSquare 2024 - (July 3-6) step-by-step 

Welcome artists, photographers and artisans.
Wednesday, regular set up (9-12noon), show  (1-7pm)
Wednesday July 3 (10-7pm)
Thursday July 4 (8-4pm) Marathon Selling Day! Friday & Saturday July 5-6, hours 10-6pm

Application Instructions:
1. Read the TERMS & CONDITIONS page for important details.  2. Click: orange button, "Register and Apply", at the top of this page. (You do Not need to create an ArtCall "Portfolio” account.)        a. Create a basic ArtCall User account or login to the one you already have .        b. Fill out your User Profile (name, address, social media, and upload your User Profile image/selfie).        c. Click: orange bar, "Update User Profile".3. New Users - in upper right corner - click: User, and in drop down box click: User Dashboard.4. In the User Dashboard click the orange button: Add New Application.5. Fill in: Category, Sub-category, Application and Title (your name) - Skip: Dimensions.6. Fill in: Description of your art, price range, and Business name (Your Name).7. Booth details: enter your booth type preference but do not pay until you receive an acceptance email.8. Enter card details to pay your $10 application fee.9. Agree and check the Terms and Conditions box.10. Click: Submit Entry Details - Done!
Be looking for your application response email.

Booth Payment, Following Acceptance Email Notification:1. Login into your ArtCall account.2. Review booth types.3. Submit booth payment     $125 - 10’x10’ space with 6'-10’ between booths     $65 each – 10’x10’ shared outdoor booth - max 2 artists and each artist registers on ArtCall individual and submits application with 4 images.     $150 – 10’x20’ double booth space - individual artistEntry Fees are non-refundable unless the entire show were to be cancelled.12% Commission 
Art Around The Square is a fine art festival event in our beautiful small town setting in Midway, Utah.
We seek to support artists in selling their original, diverse artworks in painting and drawing mediums, high-end photography, sculpture, and quality artisan crafts in ceramics, glass, wood, metal, weavings and so other mediums. 
Updated February 3, 2024
        Thank you! S. Gertsch - event Manager (801) 755-6730 - email: