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Art Around The Square Individual Art Pioneer

Entry Dates 2022-06-30T22:41:00 - 2022-02-22T22:41:00 36 Days Left


Art Around The Square - July 21, 22, 23
Individual Art Entries – Town Hall

Set up July 21, 8am-1pm

Individual art entries Terms & Conditions

Read detailed Terms & conditions and this page, then click “Register and Apply” button (orange) at the top of this page.
Terms and Conditions Page also includes our mission and standards statement.
 Set up of display is 10-2pm
ALL Individual art entries must be made through ArtCall with name of artist, price, size, and medium, before being hung in the show.
Deliver artwork  July 21 to the Midway Town Hall 2-7pm.
Last minute Entries entered Online May 20 - May 26 will be accepted if there is available space.
Show and sale hours are July 22, 23 - 10AM-6pm (Friday & Saturday)
Unsold artwork must be picked up on July 23.  We are not responsible for storage of art that is not picked up May 30.

Entry fees per size of art - Sales - 20% commission
Individual art entry sales will be conducted through the AATS main desk and sales tax collected.
AATS will submit the sales tax collected to the Utah Special Events division of Utah Tax department with names of artists. 
Artists will be sent the sales price minus commission by July 30, 2022.   

Grids and lights for display of Individual Art Entries will be provided by AATS