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Art Around The Square Booth July 4

Entry Dates 2022-06-17T22:41:00 - 2022-04-18T22:41:00 23 Days Left


ArtAroundTheSquare - July 4th week BOOTH Information (indoor & Outdoor) 

Welcome artists, photographers and artisans! June 30 set up - July 1, 2, 4 Show & Sale - closed Sunday
Next: Click the orange, “Register & Apply” button – top left of this page
Basic steps:
1) Register for ArtCall & include your profile photo
Note:  "Application Title" is your name or your business name.
2) Apply for this show with 4 images of artwork (place all images in the same application)
3) Wait for jury notification - you will be notified within 48 hours
4) Login to your ArtCall account to select booth type and pay for it.  
SET UP: Thursday June 30 (10am-7pm) through Friday July 1 - finish before 10AM
SHOW HOURS: Friday & Saturday, July 1, 2 (10-7pm) & Monday, July 4th (10-4pm)
Artist provides their own tent gear, corner weights, table, hangers, and insurance.
$100- 10’x10’ space with 10’ between booths for maximum viewing area
$120 – 10’x10’ shared space
$140 – 10’x20’ double booth space
Entry Fees are non-refundable unless the entire show was to be cancelled.
10% Commission all outdoor booth types 
INDOOR BOOTHS – Community Center not town hall 
AATS provides each indoor booth artist with: grid-wall space, lights, up to 10 hangers, zip ties, electrical cords for lights.
$40 1/2 booth - one side of a grid-wall (8' wide x 7' tall), plus one end panel 
$60 - Full booth - 2 sides of grid-wall panel (4'x8'x7' high), plus 2 end panels (4'x7' each)
15% commission on sales by artist  
20% Commission for sales through the AATS swiper
Artists & staff set up your indoor grid-walls & lights, Thursday 11 AM-7pm, June 30
Bring a small table (no larger than 18x24”). Cover table to the floor – Chairs available on site.
Artist's provide their own swiper for sales, business cards, and so forth.
Artist's collect and report their own sales tax.  Get your tax ID number in advance, it's easy:
Artist's will be provided a 3-part Sales Book  Return this at end of show with commission.
Once your booth is paid you will be called and sent a layout for the booths to select your space.  
Booth locations will be assigned on 'first come' based in order of booth payments.
 AATS - setting a high standard:

Art Around The Square is a fine art festival event.
We seek original, diverse artworks in painting and drawing mediums, high-end photography, sculpture, and quality artisan crafts in ceramics, wood and so forth.
While we appreciate all levels of creative effort, we ask 2-D visual artists to offer artwork with a minimum price point of $100 or more. 
90% of work on display must be original. 
AATS retains the right to jury all art on display for quality and content.We are indebted to the art loving public in our community, and to this great country where we are given the privilege of free enterprise.We are committed to honesty, cooperation, and fair-minded business practices.We sincerely appreciate friends, family members and volunteers who assist us in a multitude of critical ways.We assume and expect that artists will work together in genuine cooperation with each other.We are grateful for those whose vision, resources and effort in decades past established the amazing facilities we use.We are also sincerely grateful to the Midway City Counsel, the Midway Boosters, Mayor Celeste Johnson, the Midway City staff, private donors, and to the Wasatch County Art Council for their essential and generous support.  Without them, the arts would struggle and languish, but because of them, the arts flourish and grow.2022
        Thank you!