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Open Call for Interviews: Narratives of Care – Volume II

Entry Dates 7/15/24, 12:00 AM - 6/28/24, 10:09 AM 8 Days Left
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We are excited to announce an open call for interviews on the theme of care, inviting artists to share their insights, experiences, and practices in the second volume of our "Narratives of Care" interview series.
In a world facing urgent environmental challenges, we believe in the power of dialogue and collaboration to inspire change. Through these interviews, we aim to explore diverse perspectives on environmental and social care, highlighting the vital role of art in addressing pressing ecological issues.
Insights of an Eco Artist is a creative studio, global media outlet and a dynamic community hub for artists committed to making a difference in the world. At our core, we're driven by the belief that art has the power to drive positive change, and we're actively engaged in the fight to protect our planet and its people. Our platform is more than just a space for interviews, reviews, and virtual exhibitions – it's a rallying point for artists who share our passion for social, political, and environmental activism. Through our virtual talks and initiatives, we're igniting conversations that challenge norms and inspire action.

Selected artists will be interviewed by Joana Alarcão, the founder of Insights of an Eco Artist, who is not only an artist but also a curator with a deep commitment to promoting art as a means of effecting positive change. These interviews aim to shine a light on your artistic career and delve into how your creative interventions play a vital role in raising ecological awareness and promoting change.
Submission Details:
This open call is open to artists of all backgrounds, working in various mediums and styles, as long as their work engages with ecological themes. Your art should reflect your dedication to ecological justice and sustainability.
Global Participation:
We invite artists from every corner of the world to submit their work.
Returning Artists:
If you have previously been featured or interviewed by us, you are welcome to submit new works.
Submission Process:
Submission Fee:
FREE Submission for applicants.
Selection Fee:
A SELECTION FEE OF €40 IS APPLIED TO SELECTED ARTISTS ONLY. This fee supports our efforts in creating your interview.
Personalized Interview:
Upon selection, you will receive a personal interview consisting of 10 thought-provoking questions.
Featured Artworks:
Your selected artworks will be prominently featured alongside the interview.
Permanent Publication:
Your interview and artwork will be permanently published on our digital platform. Please note that these interviews will not appear in our print magazine.
How to Apply:
Artists can submit one or many works. Please email your bio, portfolio, and artist statement to with the subject line: “INTERVIEW SUBMISSION” at any time.
All applications need to be in English.
Contact details and supporting information must be provided through the same application. Only one application is permitted.
Only selected artists will be notified of results via email.
Good Luck!
Insights of an Eco Artist Team