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"Ethereal Forms” - FREE Entry, $1,000 Award Competition

Entry Dates 2/15/24, 11:59 PM - 1/18/24, 12:00 AM 158 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
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North Carolina United States


Presenting the inaugural " Ethereal Forms" international competition and online exhibition. Artists of all ages from around the world are invited to participate, with complete freedom in choosing their preferred media and style. The competition's theme is " Ethereal Forms,". Only artists whose works are selected as finalists will be required to pay a $35 participation fee. Finalists will have their artwork showcased online and advance to the final round of judging, where they will be considered for cash prizes, including the chance to win the grand prize of $1,000.


"Ethereal Forms" is an art competition theme that beckons artists to explore the delicate and elusive aspects of shape, substance, and existence. Encouraging a journey beyond the tangible, this theme invites participants to delve into the ethereal and intangible nature of forms. Artists are prompted to interpret this theme through the representation of ephemeral shapes, abstract structures, or the embodiment of otherworldly entities. The theme aims to evoke wonder, contemplation, and fascination, challenging both artists and viewers to perceive shapes and structures that go beyond the ordinary and known, capturing the intangible beauty that resides within captivating forms.