Da Vinci Fellowship Program

Entry Dates 12/2/21, 7:00 AM - 10/31/21, 5:30 PM 215 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes
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Anna Hoppel

704 Catharine St

Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19147 United States


Inspired by the vision of DVAA’s founders to build community through art, The DVAA Fellowship Program was created in 2018 to better serve the DVAA Membership and the arts communities of Philadelphia. We annually support under-represented voices, innovative ideas, and underserved artists through three distinct Fellowship tracks. Fellows accepted into the program are encouraged to develop and pursue experimental concepts and themes within their exhibition with the support of DVAA staff and resources. Proposed projects may explore a central theme, work from a common medium, highlight a specific community, or involve a specified number of collaborators.

A 3-week long exhibition in DVAA’s Gallery 1

$500 stipend

Logistical and conceptual assistance from DVAA’s Fellowship Director and DVAA’s Co-Directors

Marketing support from DVAA’s Marketing Coordinator

DVAA Membership for 3 years, beginning at the start of Fellowship (value: $885)

Integration into DVAA’s Membership network

Profile on DVAA website

The Fellowship is a year-long partnership between DVAA and the selected artists.

Selected Fellows are expected to be an active member of the DVAA community throughout their fellowship by:

-attending DVAA programs and events

-serving as a member of the Exhibitions Committee

-participating in a group critique leading up to your exhibition

DVAA Fellows will work closely with the concurrent Fellows and Resident artists, providing feedback, insight, skills and resources as appropriate.

Selected Fellows will lead the exhibition process including theme creation, artist management, and ultimate layout and presentation of their proposed exhibition, working alongside DVAA's Co-Directors and Fellowship Director who will oversee, advise, and provide assistance towards the installation of the exhibition and any corresponding events.

The Da Vinci Fellowship Program is designed to support historically underrepresented and underserved artists at any point in their career. Underrepresented and underserved refers to communities or groups who have disproportionately been denied access and/or experienced insufficient and inadequate representation in the visual arts due to institutional discrimination.

In order to be considered for the Fellowship program you must:

-Be a local artist/curator (Live within 25 miles of DVAA).

-Must be 18 years of age or older

-Be planning to continue living in Philly for the full length of fellowship (1 year).

-Not be enrolled in any other fellowship or degree-granting program.

-Be able to articulate need (financial hardship, lack of experience, or other institutional barriers)

You do not need to be a DVAA Member to apply for any fellowship tracks, but Membership engagement is highly encouraged.

Applicants may only submit to either one Fellowship track or the Residency in one calendar year. Applicants who submit to more than one track are disqualified from the review process.

Only digital applications will be accepted. Find the requirements and the application button on our website.

Deadline to apply: December 1st, 11:59PM

Applicant notification: January 2022