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Entry Dates 1/1/24, 11:59 PM - 8/1/23, 11:59 PM 34 Days Left
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Los Angeles California United States


PERMASTATES is a Biannually Printed, Artist-Led, Art Book Object Committed to Exploring Societal Relationship to Nature Through the Eyes of Artists.

The Inaugural Print of PERMASTATES will be Completed and Ship World Wide in April 2024.

PERMASTATES is an intricately crafted book object that explores a specific theme: Societal relationship to the idea of permanence by way of humanity’s psychosocial, political, and historical connections with nature. All mediums are welcome and encouraged!

PERMASTATES has consciously decided against relying upon submission, artist, membership, contributor, or other fees. All artists who desire to take part must purposefully pre-order the art book for $50 USD to submit up to 10 artworks before the deadline.

Every participating artist will own the Art Book Object. You will receive the art book no matter if your work was selected for print or not. Postage is free world wide and will ship early April, 2024.

PERMASTATES explores societal relationship to the idea of permanence by way of humanity’s psychosocial, political, and historical connections with nature. We call for all mediums of work that explores this theme visually. Artists may interpret the theme as they wish; whether literal or abstract.

All artists are encouraged to submit, regardless of location or medium.
A broad range of 2D art is called for such as photography, illustration, digital art, mixed media, and experimental text. Submissions can be as obscure as CAD imaging, X-rays, motion picture stills, mail-art, graffiti, visula poetry. and intersectional art. A large spectrum of possibilities are open. If you believe your work speaks to our theme and can be printed on paper, submit it!

PERMASTATES encourages experimental writers to submit. Those who employ innovative visual techniques that defy literary norms: For instance, text artists, new media artists, disruptive poets such as concrete, found, sound, mathematical, experimental, and other innovative applications of text within or as part of an image or visualization. 

Photography, Visual and/or Digital Art can include works created through meditations on your neighborhood regardless of terrain, landscape explorations encompassing natural, historical, architectural, urban, and/or industrial themes, as well as reflections on political and/or scientific aspects.

Guest Editor is scholar and philosopher of new media and film Laura U. Marks. 

DEADLINE: January 1, 2024

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