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6x6 Exhibition

Entry Dates 2020-08-30T21:00:00 - 2020-06-25T09:00:00 18 Days Left


Painting Miles is pleased to sponsor our...

6x6 Daily Painting Exhibition

Welcome! We are so happy that you are here and that you want to participate in our annual 6x6 Daily Painting Exhibition. 

This is more than an exhibition; we invite you to honor, recognize, and take part in the habit of daily painting.

The main idea is to give you a big motivation, a commitment and a challenge to erase any excuse that keeps you from going to your easel. Events like this become yearly goals that help us with the formation of the habit of daily painting. As our talented juror Lisa Daria, says, “routines are simultaneously freeing and grounding. Through daily practice comes inspiration, growth and confidence…For myself and other artists, the act of creating in a meditative daily (or almost daily) gesture reflects an intense focus and patience and lends itself to heightened perception.” So get in the habit of daily painting, and send us your end results!

This year, we have an exceptional jury: TEDDI PARKER, DUANE KEISER, LISA DARIA, and SUZANNE HETZEL. Some of them will also be part of the exhibit.

We would like to emphasize that part of what makes Painting Miles work is our emphasis on bringing local artists together in our community. Because of that mission, we are not accepting submissions from out of state at this time. Artists must drop off their paintings in person on Monday, September 28th, and pick up their paintings by November 30th, at MOFU Shoppe.

Exhibition details:

Where: MOFU Shoppe Asian Restaurant. Downtown Raleigh
Dates: Oct. 2 - Nov. 29
Dropoff day: Sept. 28, Pickup date: Nov. 30
Opening Reception: Friday Oct. 2
No commissions for sales will be collected

General Submissions Instructions: (more when you register) 

All paintings must be originals, inspired by your own references
All Paintings must be 6”x 6”x 1/8" thickness
Submissions have been created on a daily (or almost daily) basis
All paintings must have been completed in 2020
For acrylics/oils: unframed, masonite panel surface mandatory. Click here and here for options.*
For watercolor: unframed, (flat 1/8" panel) AquaBoard panel mandatory.*
*Paintings must be able to be hung using 3M Velcro Command Strips (anything heavy or fragile won’t be a good fit)
Paintings must be available for sale at $100 each
All paintings must have written (legible) on the back bottom right: Artist name, painting title, and a way to contact you.
Paintings must be submitted through high-resolution images (.jpeg or .png)
Registration Fee: $20.00 up to 8 submission.
All artists must agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Here's a quick tutorial to help with the submission process: