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46th Juried Annual Exhibition

Entry Dates 2021-08-16T17:00:00 - 2021-06-15T08:00:00 17 Days Left


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Deadline to apply

Monday, August 16, 2021

Online submission at

Opening Reception

Saturday, September 25, 2021

5 - 6:30pm | Awards at 6pm

Exhibition Dates

September 25 - November 8, 2021

Contact Us
P 920.746.0707


46th Juried Annual



Monday, August 16, 5pm
Entry deadline

Wednesday, August 25
Notification to artists

September 6-18, 10am - 4pm
Artwork delivery
The museum is closed Sundays. Works not received by the deadline on Saturday, Sept. 18 at 4pm will not be included in the exhibition.

Saturday, September 25
Opening reception
5 - 6:30pm | Awards at 6pm

Monday, November 8
Exhibition closes

November 9-10, 10am - 4pm
Artwork pick-up
Works that include a return shipping label will be expedited on or before Monday, November 15.

ONLINE Submission 
Artists may submit online through the ArtCall platform at

Artists at all career levels from emerging to established professional, 18 years of age or older residing in the State of Wisconsin, are invited to enter two-dimensional, original artworks.

Artists may enter up to two (2) original works for a $30 non-refundable entry fee.

To Entrants
A juried exhibition is by nature a competitive event. Artists are selected through a process of careful deliberation among a panel of professional jurors. The makeup of the jury changes every year and selections are made based on what the panel feels is the strongest work. Artists may or may not be selected for inclusion in this exhibit and may or may not agree with the jurors’ results. The Miller Art Museum provides this opportunity for artists to have a venue for exhibition, and these are the rules. Museum staff and volunteers appreciate the good sportsmanship of participating artists!


Artwork may or may not be for sale as each artist wishes. The Miller Art Museum retains a 40% commission on each sale; the retail price should reflect this commission. If you have an exclusive contract with a gallery, any artwork sales will be transacted through that gallery. Please list the gallery name and commission percentage during the submission process and contact the curator to discuss.

Helen del Guidice, Curator
P 920.746.0707

Conditions of Entry

Original works of two-dimensional art created by the artist within the past two (2) years in the following media: painting, drawing, printmaking, digital, graphics, or photography.
Artwork dimensions must not exceed 48” x 48" including the framing.
Artwork must be a single unit; no diptychs or triptychs will be accepted.
Artwork that has previously been exhibited in Door County may not be submitted.
In fairness to all entrants, artwork completed under the direction of a teacher during a class or workshop may not be entered.
Reproductions of originals in any form, including giclée fine art reproductions, are not eligible.

Entry ProcedureS

Visit and follow the link to ArtCall to begin the submission process. New users will be required to create a profile with user login and password. Existing users need only login and follow the process for a new submission(s).
New users: Click the blue "+ Register" button at the top right of the prospectus page to begin the registration process (see image at right).
Existing users: Click the gree "Login" button at the top of the prospectus page if you have already registered.
Artists will receive notification by email on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. 

Artists can click here for a tutorial for help with the submission process.


Images should be direct-facing and cropped to exclude matting and framing or surrounding space.
Digital images should be submitted in .jpg format (resolution of 300dpi; minimum image length on the longest side: 540px and max length on the longest side: 4600px).
Images should depict color as accurately as possible and be sharply focused.
Images must be uploaded in the correct orientation.
All image files must be named as follows: John Smith_Poppies_pastel.jpg to reflect artist name, artwork title and medium.

Artists can click here for tips for photographing artwork for digital submissions.

Cash Awards

A total of $1,950.00 in cash awards will be presented at the opening reception: three (3) Special Merit Awards ($250 each), three (3) Juror’s Choice Awards ($200 each), the Gerhard Miller Award of Excellence ($500), and the Bonnie Hartmann Award for Outstanding Creativity ($100).

Selection Process

The digital .jpg image(s) you submit are projected on a screen and reviewed by a jury of artists and art professionals. Any artwork not accurately depicted, deemed not to be an original, is a copy, or is improperly framed may be omitted from exhibition by the curator at the time of installation. Please see "IMAGES" section of this prospectus for tips on photographing artwork to provide the best representation of your submission(s) for consideration.

Artwork Delivery & Pick-up

Accepted artwork must be delivered to the museum on the scheduled drop-off dates only between the hours of 10am - 4pm. Artists should keep in mind the museum is closed Sundays.
Accepted artwork NOT received by the deadline at 4pm on Saturday, September 18 will not be exhibited.
Accepted artwork must be properly labeled:  Securely attach printed label(s) from ArtCall to the back of each piece of artwork.
Artwork must be ready for installation with exhibition-quality framing and matting and equipped with hanging wire, Z bar or D-rings. Alligator clips, magnets and brackets will not be accepted.
Artwork may NOT be removed from the exhibition prior to the closing date.
Artwork is insured while on the Miller Art Museum premises.
Any artwork left in the possession of the Miller Art Museum after the scheduled pick-up dates will incur a $5 daily storage fee and disposed of at the Miller Art Museum's discretion after 30 days.


Artwork must be delivered to the reception desk located at the entrance to the Miller Art Museum at 107 S. 4th Avenue, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235.
Packing materials must be removed from the work at the time of delivery and retained by the artist.
If the artist is unable to pick-up their artwork, please notify the curator for pick-up authorization by a third party or provide a return shipping label and packaging at the time of artwork delivery.


Shipped entries will be accepted. Please address to:

Helen del Guidice, Curator
Miller Art Museum Juried Annual
107 S. 4th Avenue
Sturgeon Bay, WI  54235

All packaging received from shipped artworks will be retained by the Miller Art Museum and used for return shipping.
IMPORTANT! All shipping costs are the responsibility of the artist. A pre-paid return shipping label MUST be provided by the artist and accompany the artwork at delivery or included in the package if work is being shipped. 

User Responsibilities

Register Now!

See entry procedures above. Begin by clicking the 'Register' button at the top right of the page. After registration has been completed, login and begin the process of submitting artwork(s).