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2020 MNDG Exhibition

Entry Dates 2020-05-17T00:00:00 - 2019-03-15T10:29:00 38 Days Left


Mens Naked Drawing 2019 Exhibition APPLICATION PAGE
For all deadlines and info, please visit:

STEP 1: Create an ArtCall USER ACCOUNT just for this application. (UPPER RIGHT CORNER of this page)

(This is independent of any of your other accounts. It's not related to your Meetup, Facebook, email, or any other account.)

STEP 2: Create a USER PROFILE. Required info:

Name (does not have to be your legal name), email, phone, city, and state
Biography. Please write a short bio in full sentences with the following information: year and place of birth, education, exhibtion history (about 100 words). Refer to yourself in the third person, i.e., "Picasso was born in..., he studied...."
Your Meetup profile name exactly as it appears on Meetup
Your preferred Artist Name for the wall label and all publicity (this can be a fake name like Shungaboy or NYChuck)
Which Men's Naked Drawing Chapter you're a member of
Payment method - how we pay you if your artwork is sold. We prefer digital payment methods such as PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. There is an option for a paper check, but we don't prefer it. 
OPTIONAL INFO: your social media handles and your website URL


Please submit 1-20 works for consideration. Each work MUST have been substantially done AT ANY SESSION OF MEN'S NAKED DRAWING. If you worked on the drawing a little more later, that's okay, but it shouldn't be an intricate oil painting, for example. EVERY MEMBER WHO SUBMITS IS GUARANTEED ONE WORK IN THE SHOW. We want doodles and stick figures too! This show is about PARTICIPATION. Additional works are subject to the consideration of the Judging Committee and wall space. There's only one CATEGORY; choose Drawing and Paintings. Artwork with interesting TITLES sell better. For digital works, enter the DIMENSIONS of the size you plan to print. In the DESCRIPTION, write the medium you used, for example, charcoal, crayon, color pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic, digital, etc. PRICING that works best at the Prince Street Project Space is in the $20-$300 range. It's totally up to you and if you really want to sell it or not. If you don't want to sell it, price it at $0. The required entry details for each piece:

Dimensions (for digital works, enter the DIMENSIONS of the size you plan to print)
Medium (charcoal, crayon, etc.)


Please upload color jpg or png file showing each work for submission. The photo will be used for both judging and in our online gallery, so please make it look as nice as possible. Cellphone photos are okay! Try to make the drawing fill the photograph, but if some background shows, that's okay. Shoot on a neutral background; avoid casting shadows on your drawing. Try to make the drawing square with the photo, not crooked. Generally, try to do your best, but don't stress out about it either.

STEP 4: REPEAT for up to 20 artworks.