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Contemporary Miniatures

Entry Dates 2019-03-15T23:59:00 - 2019-01-01T07:00:00 23 Days Left



Dates: April 5 - May 5, 2019
The Rehoboth Art League
Corkran Gallery
Submission Fee: 20.00 dollars for up to two submissons
Eligibility: Open to Rehoboth Art League members and non-members. 

The Spirit of the Miniature: This unique art form, based on a minute scale, traces its roots back to the book paintings and illuminated manuscripts set in the 7th century. A work of fine art in miniature is a particularly personal object that draws the viewer into an intimate concentrated little world that is breathtaking in its execution. Every single detail is miniaturized – the scale of the subject matter, the brush or pencil strokes – so that only with high magnification can one behold the immaculate details of the artist’s technique which may include stippling, hatching or pointillism. These techniques are specialized means of producing a perfect balance of color and detail in a series of thinly applied layers of exquisite color intended to reflect light. The miniatures show a high standard of design and the artist’s mastery of the chosen media and palette.

If you are an artist who currently works in miniature, or would like to try your hand at this incredible technique, please submit your completed application by March 15, 2019. The judge for this show is Narissa Steel, President of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society (MPSGS), Washington D.C. A Best in Show award will be given, and other awards are TBA. Please pay special attention to the directions for applying because they are very specific.

Application Deadline: Friday, March 15, 2019 (5pm)
Delivery of Works: March 16 - March 29, 2019 to the Corkran Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday, April 5, 2019, 5-7pm

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Best in Show, Sponsored by the Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society (MPSGS): $200
Other Awards TBA

Submission Requirements

Original works in any traditional media, prints from original plates, or sculptures will be considered for exhibition, providing they have not been exhibited at previous Rehoboth Art League shows. As a general guideline, the work should embody “the spirit of the miniature” (see the first paragraph of this prospectus). Up to two works may be submitted.
Crafts and art works produced by photographic, giclee, laser, or digital techniques will not be accepted.
The overall area of the image must not exceed 25 sq. inches (or 156 sq cm, i.e., 5” x 5”, 4” x 6.25”). Outside dimension of frame must not exceed 56 sq. inches (or 360 sq. cm, i.e., 7” x 8”).
Framed work must be ready to hang. Small rings or fine wire attached to small screw eyes are acceptable. Small Velcro patches (rough hook side) are to be affixed on the back bottom corners; this helps the art to “stick” to the fabric covering our case backboards and hang straight. Frames should be in proportion to the work. The backs of framed works should be neatly covered. Frames should be no wider or deeper than one inch. Metal frames, delicate in nature, are acceptable. Frames that are unacceptable: plastic, easel back, frames more than one inch wide or deep.
Sculptures may not exceed 6 inches (15cm) in any dimension including the base. Sculpture not in “the spirit of the miniature” as determined by the juror, will not be accepted
For cast sculptures, indicate edition number.
Submitted works must be produced no earlier than April 2017 and never have been displayed in any RAL gallery/exhibiton.

Pick-up and Delivery
Pack well, but please NO peanuts or wood crates. If artwork is not dropped off in-person, it should be mailed with completed labels and self-addressed pre-paid return shipping label, to:
Rehoboth Art League
ATTN: Miniatures Show
12 Dodds Lane
Henlopen Acres, Delaware 19971
(Please make sure that your package arrives at RAL between the dates of March 16 and March 29)

Delivery dates are as noted above. The RAL is not responsible for any wrapping materials or boxes left at the time of delivery. Pick-up dates are within 7 days following the last day of the exhibition. All artwork must be picked up by the artist and/or shipping arrangements prepaid and prearranged by the artist at the end date of the show. RAL is not responsible for the return of any artwork(s) if unclaimed, or when no arrangements have been made. There is a storage fee of five dollars ($5.00) / day / piece for any work(s) that remains at the RAL after 14 days following the close of the exhibition. Any works remaining at the RAL after two (2) months past the end date of this exhibition will be forfeited to the Rehoboth Art League.

Works must be displayed throughout the entire length of the exhibition. 

Artist’s Responsibility:
All submitted entries will receive careful handling. However, The Rehoboth Art League cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to the work submitted to this exhibit. This form is an agreement on the part of the sender to all conditions set forth in this prospectus. The exhibit pamphlet and display labels are prepared directly from data on the entry forms. The Rehoboth Art League takes no responsibility for consequences from missing or erroneous data on the entry form. The Rehoboth Art League reserves the right to photograph and/or scan any entry for media and pamphlet presentation. 


All works must be available for sale. The minimum asking price must be $75. Prices must be set in $5 increments. Each exhibitor may enter two (2) works of art. A commission of 35% will be charged on all sales. Questions on sold works should be directed to the gallery staff at the Rehoboth Art League.  Following the exhibition, the artist must pay a thirty (35%) percent commission to the RAL for any work(s) sold outside of the RAL to a buyer who was introduced to the work(s) while on display during this exhibition. 

By submitting works into this exhibition, you agree to the above terms and conditions.