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2019 Artist Residency at The Image Flow

Entry Dates 2019-05-01T23:59:00 - 2019-01-21T00:00:00 13 Days Left


CALL FOR ENTRY: Artist in Residence Program
Summer 2019
Juried by: The Image Flow Staff

The Image Flow Artist in Residence Program

The Image Flow invites applications for a 2-3 month Artist Residency program to support a visual artist working within photography and/or image-based media. This is a work-only residency; artists not local to the area are welcome to apply but will need to secure housing arrangements independently. The time frame for the residency is flexible, ideally taking place between the months of June and September 2019.

Following the 2018 AIR call, we were so impressed with the quality of submissions from applicants that we decided to accept two artists, both working with analog processes. One artist created experimental photograms using our traditional black and white darkroom space, while the other continued a body of work in the gum bichromate process utilizing our alternative darkroom facilities. We are excited to once again host an artist (or artists) that can benefit from the use of our resources in 2019. 

The selected resident photographer will gain access to our photo studio and lighting, a dedicated workspace with Epson 7880 and 3880 printers, traditional and alternative darkrooms, and a limited supply of inkjet papers for printing purposes. Participants in the residency program are expected to use their time to pursue their own personal projects, which may include photographing, printing, or other work inherent to their specific endeavors.

At the close of the residency, participants will donate a selection of work to The Image Flow's Artist in Residence Collection, the details of which are negotiable upon acceptance. The resident photographer may also choose to present a lecture on their work to the community, though this will be voluntary. There will also be the possibility for the chosen resident photographer to mount an exhibition of work created during the course of the residency. 

Note: Residents will need to provide their own primary camera(s), as well as a personal laptop or computer for use with the Epson printers. When using the darkroom facilities, residents must provide their own chemicals/papers.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: May 1, 2019, at 11:59 PM

All artists living or working in the United States working within photographic and/or image-based processes.

Registration & Fees

$30 non-refundable registration fee.

Application Requirements

Upon registration, applicants will be asked to provide a link to their personal website, if applicable.

Applicants will need to submit 2 PDF files; one for their Portfolio, and one for the written requirements below. Please include your name and contact information in both files.

Please label your PDF submissions as follows:

1. Portfolio: FirstNameLastName_Portfolio.PDF

Portfolio containing up to 20 images of your work [Please include Title, Medium, and Year of Creation.]

2. Written: FirstNameLastName_Proposal.PDF

Artist Statement / Work Description (500 words max.) [Please describe the work you have submitted with your application, addressing concept, execution, and media, if applicable.]
Artist Biography (300 words max.) [Please provide a short bio, describing yourself and your background.]
Letter of Intent (500 words max.)  [Please describe your plans and goals for the length of the residency, being as specific as possible.]

Artist Residency Calendar

Submissions Open | January 21, 2019
Submissions Close | April 1, 2019, at 11:59 PM
EXTENDED DEADLINE | May 1, 2019, at 11:59 PM
Selections Announced | April 15, 2019
Selections Announced | May 15, 2019
Flexible Residency Dates | June – September 2019


Click the blue "+ Register"  button at the top of this page to begin the registration process.

Click the green "Login"  button at the top of this page if you have already registered, but have yet to submit.

For more information and the full Artist in Residency Prospectus please visit our Terms & Conditions.

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For FAQ, please view's video tutorial for User Responsibilities.


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